Stop the hate.

I’ve come across many memes all over social media about this matter and have been meaning to address a few things. I’m just finding the right time when my heart and own self has calmed down from being angry, more so hurt. It’s happened many times in my life and especially right this moment while being away. People personally coming to my face and asking questions and making comments regarding how can a legally blind person be on their phones, or take pictures and do certain things when you are suppose to be legally blind. Trust me, I have heard it all. As if being legally blind should stop us from living the life we want. Or doing the things we want to do. Do people want us to completely just shut the world? That because we have a disability, that we can’t be like everyone else? Or people thinking that we are all faking it because we are still able to live life and use certain gadgets to help us in this world but we are legally blind? Seriously, I have heard many hurtful comments out there.

First of all, being legally blind doesn’t mean you are completely blind. And that you can’t see anything anymore. There are many different types of eye conditions out there. And different stages of vision loss. Not necessarily because you are legally blind and have a white cane, that you are completely blind. And you are not entitled to use a phone or a camera and other gadgets out there. Has it ever occurred to you that technologies now have improved so much to help the visually impaired and blind community? I personally love my iPhone, my iPad and Macbook Pro. Because it’s built for me and my own personal needs. I have my font so big to the max to help me read a little, or I use the voiceover function as well, to help me when someone is messaging me. I am legally blind with 5 percent vision left for both eyes, and I am partially deaf as well now. But all these gadgets I use, is to help me and I’m sure it helps everyone else who are going through the same situation as me. Because I’m using a white cane, doesn’t mean I am already completely blind. It’s to help me find my way, and guide me through my paths right this moment. I’ve mentioned this on one of my previous Instagram post, regarding what I really see. And that just because someone is legally blind, using a white cane and on their phones or cameras and such, doesn’t mean that it’s what people call “bullshit, they are faking it. They’re not legally blind”. No, this is not bullshit. Please find the time to do your own research and educate yourself to how life is for me and my other friends out there. And how all these new technologies are finally useful for us as well and caters to us. It’s been such an amazing feeling to still grab my phone and talk to someone using voiceover. Or the font being so big to help me. Or able to type on my laptop because of the zoom text and I personally love my cameras. I love to take pictures and capture every single amazing moment. I look back at these memories and I memorize them; the colours, the features of peoples faces and so on. Because it’s for me, and when that time comes that I am completely blind, I can still remember everyones wonderful smiles. It’s in my mind and heart. I always preach that we should all be kind to everyone. Why hate on people like us? Or just hate in general. Shouldn’t you be more proud and happy to see us enjoying our lives and being able to also join in the technology fun? Reaching for our dreams and goals? Travel? Workout? Even smiling? Do yourself a favour, rather than judging so fast on me and my wonderful friends, how about we spread the love, light and awareness on how special the visually impaired/blind community is. And how we can all still be happy despite battling our eye conditions. Because as you can see, we are still doing it all in this world. It may not be the way others may do it and get things done, but we can still do it. No disability should hold us back from living the life we want. Because we can certainly do it all.

I’m currently still away and enjoying this time with my husband. I’ve shared a few pictures though of Bas catching me using all the friendly gadgets. And I really do wish you call can be with us on this adventure.

Stay Blessed,

Ate Mara

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