Los Angeles

March 4th, 2016

We drove from San Diego to Los Angeles. Such a different vibe already once we hit the insane traffic of L.A. It didn’t stop us though from going to different parts of the city from one end to the other. The 4 nights we were there, we hit up as much as we can to show our friends what Los Angeles is all about. We hit up some shopping and strolled along Rodeo Dr. and around Beverly Hills. We also had a long exhausting, but fun magical day at Disneyland and California Adventures, where we really did feel like we were children again. To hiking Runyon Canyon Park and being able to challenge ourselves and especially me to reaching the top. That view of the entire city of L.A from up top was breath taking. Having a nice Mexican dinner at our favourite spot in Santa Monica Pier was a nice way to end a good hiking day. Had the chance to hit up L.A.C.M.A and see all the different art work from different artists. Most especially seeing the popular Urban Lights. Day time or night time, these lights still look so stunning and a must see! Along these things that we did, we of course managed to always grab good eats and tried the must haves when you are visiting this city. From Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, to the famous filipino chain restaurant Jollibee, and even the good Baked Dessert Bar. I must say, when we go on vacation, the food and trying things that I can’t have back home is always a must. It makes the trip that much more exciting!