June 19th, 2016

A little quick get away and much needed R&R is always needed for our body and soul. Bas was sweet enough to surprise me after a long 2 months of training so hard for my Cycle for Sight event. That he knew exactly what we both needed. And what a better way to celebrate after conquering 91km bike ride than to fly next day to Jamaica. Mind you, this was my first time as well. Which is even more exciting because Bas (my husband) is half Jamaican and all these years of being with him, I have never gone to visit. And can you imagine he has visited the Philippines about three times now? Anyway, so you can imagine how excited I was to be surprised of a trip to Jamaica. Arriving to this beautiful caribbean country was something, from the friendly greeters welcoming you with cocktails and singing. Everyone was so happy and smiling away like there’s no worries in life. We got to our resort and started it off how we usually start our vacation, a toast to the good life. It was really a relaxing well deserved break from reality. A very short trip, so I didn’t really get to explore as much. We honestly took advantage of catching up on our sleep and ate everything in sight. That’s what R&R is all about. Looking forward to visiting again and exploring the beauty of this country. And this is what life is all about, just enjoying and seeing the world. And going back to places that really touch your heart. In this case, Jamaica touched mine.