October 13th, 2014

My 3rd time back to Europe and this time I had the pleasure of going with one of my close girlfriends. We decided to book a trip and explore the beautiful country, Spain. With just a little under 2 weeks, we managed to take on 4 cities together. We started our trip in San Sebastian. I have never seen such beauty. To this day, I still have to say that this little city is one of my favourites in Spain. From here, we headed to Madrid. It was like being in New York City or Manila. Traffic was insane. But yet, still loving the busy vibe to it. We took a day trip to see the little city of Toledo from Madrid. Toledo is one of the oldest cities around. We ended our trip in Barcelona. Our last stop before heading back home. To see this side of Europe was definitely something and I will always cherish the memories because this adventure was shared with one of my closest. We really did enjoy life to the fullest. Trying different types of wine, delicious paella, patatas bravas and all the desserts you can imagine. More so, the fact that this trip brought us even closer. I can’t imagine my first time in Spain any other way. And just thankful always to be seeing different cultures and experiencing what other countries has to offer. The beauty of traveling the world is to really appreciate what they have to offer and how they can touch your heart.